Capital One announced this week that it will work with blockchain startup Gem to use digital ledger technology to track claims from medical patients. The reason I mention this is not because this is the most important story today, but because of the bank’s idea of ​​using blockchain to solve the nightmare. This is our health payment system. This is just technology that rapidly changes the foundation of modern business. Another sign.

Probably no industry will face more profound changes than healthcare. Whether it’s sensors that track your vital statistics, or IBM Watson that helps in clinical diagnosis, or the massive genetic data that provides new insights in personalized disease treatment, or the blockchain that runs through the payment system, healthcare will Become the cusp of change for my colleague Cliff Ye said, this is the 21st century version of the discovery of penicillin. “Deep learning, big data analysis, wearable sensors, ultra-connectivity, 3D printing, gene editing, virtual reality and many other near-simultaneous advances in many new technology fields are suddenly and rapidly shaking, shaking up an annual development of Leaf in the United States. The expenditure accounted for 3 trillion US dollars.

In order to document this revolution, Leaf and Fortune’s writer Sy Mukherjee created a new daily newsletter, “Brainstorm Health Daily”, which you can subscribe here. Next week in San Diego, we will hold the first brainstorming health conference, which brings together some leading businessmen, thinkers and innovators in the field to discuss the direction of the revolution, including GSK CEO Andrew Witty, Fitbit CEO James Park, AthenaHealth CEO Jonathan Bush, IBM’s Deborah DiSanzo, Dr. David Agus, Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington, and Gem CEO Micah Winkelspecht, the founder of the aforementioned blockchain startups. We will focus on these content in “CEO Daily”, but you can get more in-depth coverage in Brainstorm Health Daily.

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